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About Gabe Ferrer

Candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Florida’s 27th District.

In this website you'll find my autobiography, my political views, my calls to action, many interest stories, our Campaign Schedule, instructions on how to volunteer for our campaign, instructions on how to donate and my contact information.

I want very, very much to hear from you. I will answer each and everyone that reaches out to me.

I am running because:

I've had enough of failed policies

I've had enough of government experts with no results

I've had enough of politicians excuses for not solving our country's problems

I'm running because I want to serve this great country that has given me so much

So please, join me in this journey. We'll have our ups and downs. But together we will succeed where others have failed.

Thank you



The events that have shaped my political views

  • 2001-Present Day

    I achieved my childhood dream of learning how to fly and to build my own airplane. I also competed in aerobatics and have flown myown airplane over most of the United States and the Bahamas. I have purposely left out details of my immediate family out of this biography because I wish to keep that part of my life private. However, I can categorically state that the greatest love and joy of my life is my family.

    I had an epiphany about two years ago and I realized that the Cuba Embargo has been a total and absolute failure and that, ironically, it is preventing the economic and political reforms that are necessary in Cuba. I then became a missionary for Living Waters for the World and United Servants Abroad. I now visit Cuba and install water purification systems at churches. I have learned much about the current Cuban situation from my visits there.

  • 1969 - 2001

    I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineer from the University of Miami and with a Master of Engineer (ME) from the University of Florida. I also hold a State of Florida Certificate for General Contracting. My brother holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Education and PHD in Education from the University of Miami. He retired from Miami Dade College Medical School in March 2016 after being its President for 5 years. Previously he was president of the Miami Dade College South Campus for 6 years. I worked in the Aerospace Industry for over 31 years in the development of jet engines. Including the jet engines used by the United States Air Force fighter planes: F15, F16, F22 and F35. I've also worked in the building industry for my own company. I retired from the aerospace company, Pratt & Whitney, in 2001, but remain active.

  • 1959 - 1969

    The Cuban Revolution of 1959 changed everything.

    My parents sent my brother and me to Miami, Florida in the United States in the year 1960 to live with my relatives. They were afraid of the communist indoctrination being conducted by the Fidel Castro Regime. I was 14 years old and my brother was 11 years old. Meanwhile the political situation in Cuba kept getting worse for my parents. My great uncle was executed by Che Guevara. His crime: sheltering of an innocent fugitive. My father's business, his properties and his money were confiscated and he was forced to flee Cuba in the year 1961. My family was welcome with "open arms" by the United States. This is something which I will never forget and feel a great debt to the American People. We were now poor in Miami but we knew that to escape poverty you need to save and invest wisely and save and invest wisely we did.

  • 1895 - 1959

    Phase Two Expansion

    Paternal grandfather, Francisco, was a Spanish soldier who fought against the Mambis (Cuban Rebels) and the Americans during the war of Cuban Independence in 1895-8. He married a Cuban lady, Catalina, and had thirteen children of which the ninth was my father, Gabriel. My father moved to the city of Havana to find work and married my mother, Clara. They had two boys of which I am the older one. My father became a self made, and very successful, business man in Cuba. He was a food distributor who sold dairy products, primarily cheese, delicatessen foods and canned fruits and vegetables to grocery stores, cafeterias and bars. My mother was a loving housewife. My family did not involve themselves in politics and had a happy life.

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